Wednesday, 23 April 2014

2014 - brahmOthsavam day 9

srImathE satagOpAya nama:  

srImathE rAmAnujAya nama:    
 srImadh varavaramunayE nama:   
srI vAnAchala mahAmunayE nama:

On this 9th day of brahmOthsavam, mattaiyadi (praNaya rOsham/kalaham - friendly quarrels between lovers - perumaL and thAyAr) uthsavam is observed in many dhivya dhEsams. This uthsavam is celebrated with great joy in srIrangam during panguni uthram. This is continuation of yesterday's hunting uthsavam. perumAL goes to the forest to kill evil beasts and protect his dependants. In the process, he gets little wounds on his divine body. So, he covers his body and returns to the temple. 

At the temple, thAyArs are upset with emperumAn thinking that he went to be with his other nAchiyArs. They shut the door and does not allow emperumAn to enter the temple. emperumAn pleads innocence with them and explains that he did not go looking out for women but we went to protect his citizens as a king would take care off his citizens. Finally, with the intervention of nammAzhwAr (in srIperumbUthUr, sEnai mudhaliyAr is the mediator instead of nammAzhwAr), thAyArs become pacified. perumAL and thAyArs play with flower balls and reveal the deep love for each other. 

After this, avabrutha snAnam (thIrthavAri - holy bathing) of chakkarathAzhwAr is celebrated with great joy (in some dhivya dhEsams, perumAL himself will bath in the pushkariNi/tank or the water body which is present nearby). 

The whole uthsavam is a great revelation of the mercy/compassion of emperumAn and thAyArs enacting wonderful pastimes to uplift every one in this samsAram. People are generally engaged in all kinds of materialistic activities. By placing himself in the center of all the events and enacting wonderful events, emperumAn attracts all kinds of people towards him, reform them, change their attachment from worldly pleasures to spiritual matters and finally uplift them. This is the whole purpose of emperumAn's uthsavams.

    • perumAL's pOrvai (shawls) are removed one by one. 

    • perumAL returns to temple.
    • Temple doors are shut and emperumAn is not allowed inside.

    • emperumAn pleads innocence and divine conversation between emperumAn and thAyArs - recited by archakas. emperumAn/thAyArs play with flower balls.

    • emperumAn, thAyArs and chakkarathAzhwAr go to the maNdapam near the pushkariNi for thIrthavAri.

    • thirumanjanam for chakkarathAzhwAr followed by thIrthavAi (holy dip).

    • emperumAn, thAyArs and chakkarathAzhwAr return to kaNNAdi aRai (mirror room).
  • Afternoon
    • thirumanjanam for emperumAn, thAyArs and chakkarathAzhwAr 
  • Evening
    • puRappAdu for emperumAn, thAyArs in mangaLa giri vAhanam with periya thirumadal and periya thirumozhi gOshti accompanied by viswaksEnar (sEnai mudhaliyAr) and chakkarathAzhwAr for bali.

  • Night
    • perumAL and thAyArs return to maNdapam in-front of dhvaja sthambam.

    • dhvaja avarOhaNam (flag unhoisting)
    • akshathai AsIrvAdham
    • perumAL, thAyArs, sEnai mudhaliyAr and chakkarathAzhwAr return to mUlavar sannidhi
    • EkAntha thirumanjanam for perumAL and thAyArs with pancha sAnthi recital
    • periya thirumozhi, thirunedunthANdagam sARRumuRai (completion) in front of emperumAnAr sannidhi

    adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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